Thank you!!

With God’s Grace is excited to announce that our walk-in cooler and freezer is fully funded for the $8,000.00. With God’s Grace would like to thank all donors that made this possible.Your donation is going to make a significant impact in our community. Thank again for your support.

With God’s Grace needs your help!!!

Update…We have received $2,620.00 only need $5,380.00 more to be able to buy the walk-in cooler and freezer.

With God’s Grace has been in need of a walk-in cooler & freezer for a while. The benefit will have a positive impact on the local community by ensuring there is adequate storage for more available perishable food to feed and serve the hungry in our area. Today a local business has offered us a great deal on a walk-in cooler & freezer. Normally the price with set up & insulation would be $17,589.79. Today they notified us the price would be $8,000.00 with set up & Insulation. With God’s Grace has received $2,620.00, which means we still need to raise $5,380.00 more. So our challenge to you is, No matter how big or small your donation is With God’s Grace will place your name or company on the walk-in cooler & freezer for all our families to see when they come to our warehouse to receive food. By buying a walk-in freezer & cooler will finally give us a way to accept and safely store enough produce and perishable foods for people who cannot afford to purchase these very healthy foods at the grocery store. You can donate online using the button on our donate page or using the button above. You can mail your donations to With God’s Grace at 622 Springfield St, Dayton, Ohio 45403. Thank you for making a huge impact in our community with your donation.


In 2017 your support has enabled With Gods Grace to provide 1,484,785 lbs

In 2017 your support has enabled With Gods Grace to provide 1,484,785 lbs of food, 644,173 lbs of fresh produce and 71,403 lbs of meats to 99,358 people who have needed help this year. We can continue helping our neighbors who are in need if you will join our “2018 to fight hunger“ by going to our website at and click Donate to sign up to become one of our Monthly donors. With Gods Grace, has a few needs this year, to help fight hunger in our community. Our 1st need is a walk-in freezer and cooler. By having a walk-in cooler and freezer, we will be able to provide our families with more meats, and dairy products, and fresh produce. Our 2nd need is making our warehouse our permeant home, by being able to purchase the building along with the empty lot on Springfield Street. Thank you for your support in 2017. With Gods Grace Would like to thank you in advance for your support in 2018.