Fox 45 Reports: Board of Zoning Appeals rules With God’s Grace can continue to Operate on Springfield St.

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) – With God’s Grace mobile food pantry will officially stay open and continue to operate on Springfield Street thanks to a ruling by the Board of Zoning Appeals Tuesday night.

Owner Nicole Adkins was served early on in January and summoned to make her case to the North East Land Use Board over a zoning discrepancy. Dayton zoning officials had claimed she didn’t have the specific zoning she needed to hold her Wednesday food distributions at her warehouse that feeds around 600 families at a time, and she was threatened with a fine and jail time.

After making her case to the board, they voted that she could keep her doors open, which the Board of Zoning Appeals then accepted with their vote Tuesday night.

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Speaking out on behalf of With God’s Grace at Dayton City Hall

Tonight With Gods Grace had our Variance Meeting at City Hall 2 half hours later we have an answer we been waiting on. With God’s Grace has received our Variance for our Wed mobiles. We also received a Variance to have the lot gravel instead of asphalt. In our approval plan, we were able to add one handicap parking in the front of the warehouse. We also have to redo the sign out front with our name or take the sign down. So we have a few more things that need to be complete, but we are approved! We would like to thank the community, for your overwhelming support. Tonight your voices were heard. With God’s Grace, is able to fulfill our mission feeding the community With God’s Grace would like to thank everyone that kept our food pantry in your prayers. Prayers are powerful, and God has the final approval. We thank God for placing With God’s Grace in the location to be able to show Gods work in the most needed area. God always had With God’s Grace in his hands.