Exciting News

With God’s Grace is excited to announce we officially have purchase 622 Springfield St today. We have a permanent location for our warehouse. We are excited to say will not ever have to move unless we build a new warehouse. The purchase of 622 Springfield St was made possible by a donor given money for our down payment. Our previous landlord has agreed to owner finance the remaining balance for With God’s Grace for 7 years, and the building will be paid off free and clear or sooner if we raise enough in donations. With God all things are possible. We are also excited to announce we will be closing on the parking lot within the next few months.

Read Fox 45 News Story http://fox45now.com/news/local/with-gods-grace-putting-down-payment-on-springfield-street-facility

Celebrating Good Friday

What better way to celebrate Good Friday than by having a mobile food pantry in Fairborn, Ohio. This evening With God’s Grace provided 153 families with a wide selection of fresh produce, potatoes, milk, dairy items, nonperishable food items, Easter candy, juice, bread, and bakery. Each child received an Easter Basket that was passed out by Ambassador Tony Hall. With God’s Grace would like to thank our friends from Hall Hunger Initiative for your dedicated support and all of our volunteers for coming out this evening to help fight Hunger in our community. This evening 475 people have healthy food for dinner this evening.

Ambassador Tony Hall

Please click this link if you would like to follow with more of the story from FOX 45 News report  Families in need have food for the holiday weekend thanks to With God’s Grace, Tony Hall 

WDTN Reports: Food Pantry Fighting City of Dayton to Operate Wins Major Victory

Dayton city officials are ‘bending the law’ so With God’s Grace Food Pantry can legally operate after dozens of people in support of the pantry showed up to a zoning meeting Tuesday night.

The Dayton, Ohio – City Government initially ordered the pantry to shutdown, but With God’s Grace Executive Director Nicole Adkins refused and instead kept serving hundreds of families who were in need of food.

Now, she can do so legally.

Jordan Bowen WDTN has the full story please check out the link to learn more. http://wdtn.com/…/27/local-food-pantry-stays-open-in-dayton/

Fox 45 Reports: Board of Zoning Appeals rules With God’s Grace can continue to Operate on Springfield St.

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) – With God’s Grace mobile food pantry will officially stay open and continue to operate on Springfield Street thanks to a ruling by the Board of Zoning Appeals Tuesday night.

Owner Nicole Adkins was served early on in January and summoned to make her case to the North East Land Use Board over a zoning discrepancy. Dayton zoning officials had claimed she didn’t have the specific zoning she needed to hold her Wednesday food distributions at her warehouse that feeds around 600 families at a time, and she was threatened with a fine and jail time.

After making her case to the board, they voted that she could keep her doors open, which the Board of Zoning Appeals then accepted with their vote Tuesday night.

Please click this link if you would like to follow more about the full story, ruling and pictures.  http://fox45now.com/news/local/board-of-zoning-appeals-rules-with-gods-grace-can-stay-on-springfield-street