Fighting Food Insecurities

Did you know 1 in 5 households suffers from food insecurity? With God’s Grace is loving our community while fighting hunger. Today With God’s Grace had our Warehouse Mobile. We provided 1,982 people apples, milk, onions, fresh produce, dairy and cooler items, meats, drinks, bakery, bread and a wide selection of non-perishable food items. 646 Families have healthy meals for dinner this evening. With God’s Grace would like to thank our volunteers and Dorothy lane market for making a significant impact in our community-fighting hunger.

Overnight Snowstorm didn’t STOP us from Opening!

Overnight we had a snowstorm but didn’t stop With God’s Grace from opening this morning. Our snow shoveling crew came in an 8:00am, and we worked hard getting our outside area shovel and salted for our families. Today 1824 People received eggs, dairy item, frozen blueberries, meat, onions, fresh tomatoes, potatoes, Fresh green beans, apples, bakery, bread, a case of water, non-perishable food items and bar of soap. With God’s Grace works very hard to make sure our families received the food, We always offer walk-in at our warehouse location from 6:30pm to 8:00pm for anyone that did not get an appointments. With God’s Grace has 7 monthly off-site mobile locations that are open to everyone with NO appointments needed. If you or someone you love needs food, please come out to one of our locations. With God’s Grace loves knowing 611 families has healthy food for dinner tonight. We would like to thank all the 22 volunteers for helping fight hunger in our community.

2,025 People Received Meals

With God’s Grace hold our warehouse mobile 2,025 people received fresh produce, dairy, meats, bakery, bread, nonperishable food and health and beauty items. With God’s Grace would like to thank the 29 volunteers for showing our families they are loved today. We always need more volunteers at our warehouse mobile location. With God’s Grace is blessed knowing our families has 18,225 healthy meals for dinner this evening.