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With Gods Grace were very blessed the rain hold off today at our Xenia mobile locations. The heat was extremely hot this evening, we supplied our families with water in line.

Huge thank you to all of With God’s Grace 32 Volunteer’s that came out tonight at NHCC mobile location. We couldn’t done this without all of our volunteers help…We needed each one of you guys today and we need more for this location next month….Thank you so much for helping us bless so many families.

With Gods Grace “mobile food pantry” provided 3,474 meals for 133 families which had 216 Adults (18-59 ) 130 Children ( 0-17) 40 Seniors (60+) 129 pets. Total of 386 people was provided food today and 149 pets. We Served 5 counties and 19 differ zip codes.

Everyone was able to do grocery style shopping with wide variety selection of food, frozen food and bake goods and produce. We also provided health and beauty, household items, and pet food for pets. We also provide everyone with Hot dogs, snacks, and a drinks.