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With the pouring down rain, we had many of our families came out in the weather this evening. With God’s Grace would like to thank BSA Troop 307, from St. John’s Lutheran Church, Vandalia for coming out this evening to volunteer. We are so blessed to had your help tonight.
With God’s Grace is blessed to provide 4,023 meals for 447 people at our west Dayton food mobile on 1/16/2017 to 5 counties and 33 differ zip codes..
Tonight 150 families has healthy food for their family for dinner. Everyone was able to do a grocery style shopping, with meats, fresh produce, non perishable food, bakery, and breads. Each family received heath and beauty items and meal to eat while they was there. With Gods Grace provided 180 families pets with food. We would like to thank our 48 volunteers that came out to help at the this evening. We thank each one of you guys for your help.
Please check out With Gods Grace mobile schedule for 2017, Looking forward blessing our families in 2017. Everyone is welcome to come to all mobile locations if needed.
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