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Was a beautiful evening providing food for our families in East Dayton. Tonight United Healthcare shared information about Medicare and Medicaid and passed out waters to our families.

With God’s Grace is working on helping families with What’s for dinner?? Please check out our With God’s Grace Facebook page for recipes for items handed out our mobile today.

With God’s Grace, East End Community Service and Twin Towers Neighborhood Ass. is blessed to provide 4,581 meals for 439 people at our East Dayton mobile location on 5/22/2017 to 5 counties and 29 differ zip codes. We provide 196 pet with food this evening.

Tonight 203 families has healthy food for their family for dinner.
Everyone was able to do a grocery style shopping. Everyone received Beans and weenies and a snack to enjoy before going home.

We would like to thank our 26 volunteers that came out to help today. We thank each one of you guys for your help.

Please check out With Gods Grace mobile schedule for 2017, Looking forward blessing our families in 2017. Everyone is welcome to come to all mobile locations if needed.

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