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We have been asked what it cost monthly to buy food for our families. We buy our food from the Dayton Foodbank for .18 a pound. Doesn’t sound like much till you do the math. Last month we provided food for 2,458 families. The following is what it would cost us paying .18 a pound to provided the following food for 2,458 families, not all items we had for the month is on the list, just some to show you what your donation will help buy.

1) Peanut butter 18oz $553.05 for 2,458 jars of peanut butter.
2) Cereal 17oz $476.85 for 2,458 boxes of cereal
3) Mac & Cheese 7.25oz $479.31 for 4,916 Boxes of Mac & Cheese 2 per family
4) Soups 10.2oz $594.34 for 4,916 cans of soups 2 per family
5) Beans 2lb $884.88 for 2,458 bags of beans.
6) Can veggies 15 oz $414.79 for 2,458 can of veggies
7) Can Juice 64oz $1921.61 for 2,458 juice
8) Can Fruits 15oz $414.79 for 2,458 can Fruits
9) Pasta 1lb $442.44 for 2,458 box of pasta
10) Jam 6oz $165.92 for 2,458 jars of jam.
11) Meat 2 to 3lbs but sometimes more depends on the pack of meat $1,327.32 for 2,458 packs of meat.
Total of our stable items $7509.38


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