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So many working families calls our food pantry on a daily basic. Wed I received a call from a person, you can tell was crying on the other end. They said I have never had to call a food pantry but I have to today not for myself but for my 3 kids. Then they said today I gave my kids the last milk and cereal that was left in our house. The cabinets and refrigerator is now empty and and have nothing for lunch or dinner. They asked do you know anywhere we can get some food to get by till Friday payday. I was in a meeting with a grant and site visit when the phone called came in. I asked how far she is from our warehouse she was 10min away. I told her to come up even though we was not open, but I was there for a meeting. Told the people I was in the meeting with that I’m sorry but I have to step away for a few to pull food for this families. Then after the family came they broke down and cried. I gave her a hug and told about our mobiles and she welcome to come to all of them. They said she called a few food pantry but got a recording I was the 1st person she got to talk to.Im thankful I answered the phone during my meeting and knowing this family had food till they got paid on Friday.
I want to thank our donors. Your donations help provide food for our local families. Without your donations we couldn’t keep providing food, for our family without a limit how often you come. Many food pantry limit the visits you can come to With Gods Grace you can come to 1 or as many you need too. We are here to help you, when you need help. We always need food donations, baby food, diapers, cat food, dog food and personal care products. Please become a monthly supporter by donating your spare change monthly to With Gods Grace www.withgodsgracepantry.org

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