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Today With Gods Grace provided 100 children with Backpacks and school supplies.

Here a prayer I said after we made the backpack up yesterday. Lord, bless these backpacks and the children and youth who carry them as they begin yet another year of school. Give them peace when they feel nervous, focus when they feel distracted, energy when they feel tired. Open their minds to the lessons they will learn both in and outside the classroom. Help them to make friends that build one another up, and be friends to those who need them. Guide them in making good choices as they grow in wisdom and maturity. Be ever-present with them in the classroom, on the school bus, on the playground, and at home, and may they feel your loving care in all they do. Amen.

With Gods Grace is blessed to make a huge difference in local community families lives. Some of our families become very emotional when they received their backpack and schools supplies. We couldn’t provide the backpack blessing giveaway without our community support.

With Gods Grace would be collating backpacks and school supplies all year for next school year 2018- 2019 backpack blessing giveaway. Here a prayer for the ones that Donated Backpacks and Supplies for next school year.

Lord, bless these backpacks and school supplies and the children who will use them. Let these physical gifts be symbols of the love and support we give to the children of our community throughout the year. Help us to look upon every child in our community as one of our own, helping them to grow in character and knowledge. Amen.

Thanks again to our community for making a difference





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