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Today we had record breaking number of families that came out today…With Gods Grace would like to say thank you for our parking control crew today…You guys done great showing our families where to park due to the road construction and the city flooding our parking lot, and the detour was right in fount of our building which made us have tons of cars driving by all days long. Thank you families for dealing with the changes and listening to our parking control crew. We know a lot of our families want to load and drop off in the street, but our families has to be in the parking spots to do this, so please let us know if you want to pick up so we can have you park in a spot. We only doing this for the safety of our families. We don’t want you to get hit because we have some cars that flies down the street and will not have time to stop and will hit you guys.

With God’s Grace is blessed to provide 15,084 meals for 1676 people at our warehouse mobile location on 8/30/2017 to 7 counties and 42 differ zip codes.

Tonight 508 Families have healthy food for their family for dinner.
Everyone was able to do a grocery style shopping.

We would like to thank our 31 volunteers that came out to help today. We thank each one of you guys for your help. With Gods

Grace need more volunteer at this location. We need help for parking control, handing out food and restocking food for our afternoon mobile. Please ask us about volunteering. We need people from 9:30am to 2:00pm, we need people from 1:00pm to 5:30pm and people from 3:30pm to 8pm We are very busy and need lots of help to run the mobile smoothly so our families can get in and out. We also need more people willing to learn to do check in…Please pm me if you would like to learn I can send you a demo to practice on.

Please check out With Gods Grace mobile schedule for 2017, Looking forward blessing our families in 2017. Everyone is welcome to come to all mobile locations if needed.

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