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With God’s Grace needs your help!!! Help Children Experience God’s Love This Christmas There’s nothing quite like Christmas to bring out the kid in everyone. Holiday cards, gift giving and receiving, stuffed animals and other toys, hoping for that perfect gift from someone special — the Christmas season is a special time of year. But for millions of children all over the world who face hunger, lack of clean water, homelessness and poverty on a daily basis, the holiday season isn’t something to celebrate, especially for children suffering the economic, physical and emotional impacts of COVID-19. They don’t put up Christmas trees or decorations, sing carols, stay up late listening for sleigh bells, or wake up early to unwrap new Christmas presents of toys. Feeling unloved and forgotten, these children may never know the true hope and joy that Christmas promises. We believe that every child deserves to receive Christmas gifts. Thanks to donations from our community to With Gods Grace Christmas giveaway, we make sure that every child in our program feels special on Christmas Day. Your generosity to give back and bless others from the abundance the Lord has given you helps to make Christmas feel special to children living in poverty. You can bring the Christmas spirit to children in need. Give a Christmas gift today off of our amazon wish list https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/23OJNHE6XH3AC?ref_=wl_share