In 2017 your support has enabled With Gods Grace to provide 1,484,785 lbs

In 2017 your support has enabled With Gods Grace to provide 1,484,785 lbs of food, 644,173 lbs of fresh produce and 71,403 lbs of meats to 99,358 people who have needed help this year. We can continue helping our neighbors who are in need if you will join our “2018 to fight hunger“ by going to our website at and click Donate to sign up to become one of our Monthly donors. With Gods Grace, has a few needs this year, to help fight hunger in our community. Our 1st need is a walk-in freezer and cooler. By having a walk-in cooler and freezer, we will be able to provide our families with more meats, and dairy products, and fresh produce. Our 2nd need is making our warehouse our permeant home, by being able to purchase the building along with the empty lot on Springfield Street. Thank you for your support in 2017. With Gods Grace Would like to thank you in advance for your support in 2018.

With Gods Grace provided 14,436 meals to 1,604 people

With Montgomery County being under a “Level 2: Extreme Cold today. With Gods Grace had a line waiting to come inside the pantry. With Gods Grace worked hard by signing each family in, to get them out of the cold weather. Our families today received a huge selection of dairy products, fresh produce, non-perishable food, bread, bakery, and meats. With Gods Grace is providing our families with healthy balanced meals. Our next warehouse mobile is next Wed Jan. 10 you can start making your appt on Friday. Reminder walk in is always from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm with no appt needed.

With Gods Grace provided 14,436 meals to 1,604 people at our warehouse location to 48 zip codes and 10 counties. This evening 488 families have dinner tonight. With God’s Grace would like to thank the 22 volunteers from coming out this today and this evening to make a difference in so many families lives. We always need more volunteers at this location.

We are always in need of donations items. We are working on getting our food for our mobile locations. If you would like help every $1.00 donated = 4 meals. Donation can be made on our website Donated items can be dropped off at each handout. All donations are tax-deductible

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Thank you for your support in 2017

Dear Friends,
Thank you, does not begin to express the deep gratitude we have for all the support you have given With Gods Grace for over 2 years. From serving 264 individuals in 2015 to serving a record of 99,358 individuals in 2017. Our families received 894,322 meals to 31,392 families in 2017, to say we have grown is an understatement. We would not have been able to alleviate food insecurity in our cherished community for so long without your steadfast and generous support.

I was recently asked by a family what my most memorable event at With Gods Grace pantry was this past year. Upon contemplating a bit, I realized that working here was more about a series of rewarding and heart-warming experiences than just a single event. It is seeing a kid’s face light up with delight after selecting their Christmas gift at our annual toy giveaway; it’s seeing the relief on a mother’s face when she knows that she will have enough food to give her kids for the next week; it’s overhearing a boy excitedly ask his father if he can eat the fresh apples; and it’s talking to a client and then really understanding just how much With Gods Grace food pantry means to them. Thank YOU for allowing me to experience these truly gratifying moments.

Unfortunately, we expect 2018 to be another record year for With Gods Grace. In Montgomery & surrounding counties, the food insecurity rate is about 1 in 6 people and that number jumps even higher for children, to 1 in 4. We are also working with other organizations to promote nutrition education with our clients at our mobiles locations.

With your ongoing support and confidence, we will continue to diligently build a more food-secure future for our neighbors in need.

Yours Truly,
With Gods Grace
Nicole Adkins
Executive Director

Thank you volunteers for 2017

This year 2017 With Gods Grace would like to thank the 3,556 volunteers that committed their time working at the warehouse, sorting food, loading trucks, building skids, setting up for mobiles locations, handing out food, help people carry food to cars and office work. Our volunteers provided 18,434 service hours which saved With Gods Grace $150,237 from volunteer labor. Thank you for making a difference in our community. We would not be able to work towards our mission to feed the hungry in our community without our volunteers.